During my time at BCIT, I was given a Photoshop project to create a poster for anything I wanted using the skills we had acquired so far. Me being a big disney fan, I knew it had to be disney-related. While I was trying to brainstorm ideas, I heard news about who would be acting for the new live-action remake of Disney's Mulan. There was my inspiration.

Characters and Clothing

The first step in creating this poster was to identify what are the most iconic and neccessary parts of Mulan. Of course Mulan the character itself is important, but I also thought about Mushu, Cricket, and the army.

For the character Mulan, I used actress Liu Yifei, the actual actor for the live-action remake. Since there weren't any photos or posters yet of Yifei in the army/casual mulan attire, I had to do some photo editing.

The Design Idea

While thinking about what a real live-action Mulan poster would look like, I remembered what the animated version had. Disney's first poster had a sword reflecting Mulan's other "self" which I always thought was pretty clever growing up. So of course I had to use that for a live-action poster, while still making it unique.