The final group project I had during my last year at BCIT was creating a website for JAJA. With my two teammates, we created a working ecommerce site where the user can create and purchase their own phonecases. You can view the website here (note: you won't actually receive a phonecase if you purchase)

The Process

My team members and I were given roles, developer, designer, and middle-man. I was the middle-man, meaning I had to help in both designing and developing, which was perfect because I had the ability to do both.

Using Vue.js, Bootstrap, and Firebase, I coded the front-end of JAJA, creating the layout and closely replicating the mockups and wireframes designed by my teammate. When I had finished the pages' visuals, I also helped a bit in the back-end. This was a challenge for me, but several google searches and errors later I managed to get functions working.