I am a month.

I'm April, an artist, designer, and creator. I recently graduated from BCIT's Digital Design and Development Program and currently have experience in Graphic Design, Film Production, and Web Development.

My life goal is to find happiness by giving others happiness. I want everything I say and do to somehow help someone or make their day a bit better. Although I cannot predict the future, I can confidently say I will be living a life of joy and kindness.

When you get to know me, you'll find out I love exploration, performing, and travel. You will most likely find me watching movies, gaming, or singing karaoke for my fans (my siblings).

random facts

I love Disney. Also, I am now accepting free passes to any disney park

I learn new choreo at dance studios when I have free time

I background act. Spot me in some Netflix movies!

I thoroughly enjoy travelling, especially with my family